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The new Sales reality

The world of sales has significantly changed. In the old world, the Salesman was in control. He was the source of product knowledge for his customers. Trusting the salesman first before trusting the brand, which put the sales people in the driving seat. All this has changed. Customers have access to information with a click of a button. They do their research by themselves; they compare products; and they decide through your digital footprint whether to trust your brand or not. Any organization that doesn’t spread visible digital footprint will not get noticed, and will have its salespeople considered too intrusive. They will see the customers’ doors locked. They will not get their calls answered or their meeting requests accepted. On the other hand, if potential customer got interested by your digital footprint and approaches your team or leaves a note requesting assistance, there are high chances to convert such requests into a long term business relationship. This is a journey that we will discuss here how to master and how to automate it for large scale.



Getting noticed in the digital world is still a tricky process. Being irrelevant is a waste of money and time. For you organization to get noticed, you have to spread relevant messages, very well targeted for your different audience segments. A proper customer segmentation strategy starts with Data, your own data. Simply dig into your existing customers data. Don’t get any data point wasted. Collect user experience data from the web site, from email responses, from Social interactions. Look for similarities, and group them into segments. Try to understand why each segment bought from you. Try to understand their motivations. Build personas. Produce personalized content for each segment, and spread the content where your target audience consume media and content. The more relevant content and media you spread, the more engagements you get. That’s why the most successful digital companies have a taskforce continuously producing relevant content and messages for each target segment, with one objective in mind: Getting more engagements. This is what we call “Growth Marketing”. Produce Customer Journey Maps for each persona. These illustrate how each persona will interact with the personalized content. This is where you design the journey maps for the best User Experience.




As a business leader, you struggle to make all your customer facing people embrace high levels of customer advocacy that you want them to follow. It takes years of training and analysis, and feedback to spot the good and correct the bad behaviour. Being in Sales roles for almost all my professional life, I knew that closing deals has a time a window to match your product with a customer’s need. Being responsive, and establishing relevance and trust at the right time gets you a deal closed. For that, good agents are responsive, and have passion to serving customers with care. Nothing slips from their hands. Not a request or service ticket are left unattended. They are ready with all scenarios, and know the art of follow-up. Luckily, technology is an excellent tool to make all these behaviours stick with all your agents. The most successful companies use Artificial Intelligence to guide the customer care agents and the sales team to achieve the customer care goals. Machine learning is used to spot the bad customer experience and intervene at the right time. GetSircles in partnership with will help you deploy the most world’s most advanced Customer Engagement platform to make sure every customer engagement is handled properly